Sunday, June 29, 2014

Epson Scanner Driver Build for Raspbian

So, what is this exactly?

This is actually a rebuild of iscan packages for Raspbian Wheezy.

What are iscan packages?

iscan packages are official packages provided by EPSON which contains linux driver and utility for their scanners and all-in-ones. They are provided in *.rpm, *.deb, and *.tar.gz format.

This build does not include EPSON Image Scan! utility!

Yes, EPSON Image Scan! utility has been disabled on this build. This is because it requires an EPSON proprietary library which is only available on i386 and AMD64.

How do I use my scanner then?

You can use XSane, Simple Scan, or any other SANE front-ends. If you are running headless, you can use scanimage (man scanimage).

How does it perform?

75 dpi is okay. 150 dpi is slow - but still acceptable. Above 150 dpi, it is very very slow.